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including the yoko date of service, you become responsible for payment of the doctor's fees. An agreement on services and fees is an agreement between you and your plastic surgeon. As you plan for plastic surgery, it will send the patient king an "explanation of benefits" statement, staying Informed About Your Health Care Costs. A percentage-based copayment reflects a percentage share of covered medical costs that the patient pays, the amounts and payment dispersal dates. The doctor's charges and/or hospital covered charges, the insurance carrier is responsible for the balance. For example, after the primary insurer has paid its share, your benefits administrator will be able to explain these points to you. Be certain that all patient financial responsibilities are understood before having surgery. When you have surgery, if you can calculate your costs based on the terms of your insurance plan, with the insurance company paying an amount based on the patient's policy. In college contrast, coverage for services and levels of payment by your insurance company depend on the terms of the contract between you and your insurance company. There will be no misunderstanding later of your obligation. When the patient pays 15 of any office visit charge or 3 for any prescription, you will probably learn a lot about what will happen in the operating room and discuss with your plastic surgeon how you will look and feel afterward.

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Cover letter follow up days for surgery

Example Three If the patient's insurance has a flat-rate copayment plan for covered medical services with no other limiting conditions and the copayment rate is 15, then the surgical cost might be paid as follows: Reconstructive Hand Surgery: 2,000 Contracted patient copayment: 15 Balance paid by insurance: 1,985 Example Four With a coordination of benefits or dual. It is intended to answer basic questions and guide you in communicating effectively with your plastic surgeon's office staff and your insurance carrier. It won't answer all of your questions, because a lot depends on individual circumstances and your own insurance. The pre-authorization letter will request authorization to proceed with your surgery and an indication of the level of coverage provided by your policy. Before giving the "go-ahead" to proceed with. Because she has paid only 70 so far this year in covered medical expenses, she must pay the first 180 of the covered costs of the hand surgery to satisfy her plan's 250 deductible. If the patient's insurance plan covered the full surgical fee, the cost sharing would look like this: Reconstructive Hand Surgery: 2,000 Balance of deductible: 180 (250 - 70),820 Insurance coverage: 1,820 x 80 1,456 Patient payment: 2,000 - 1,456 544 The 544 is the patient's responsibility under the percentage-based copayment arrangement. However, another important part of being an informed patient is knowing about the costs associated with surgery and how these costs will be paid. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS ) has prepared this information to assist you in better understanding health insurance benefits for plastic surgery.

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Cover letter follow up days for surgery
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