A descriptive essay about my bedroom

My World: Descriptive Essay : My Lovely Room

the smell of my room is the smell of myself. The windows jaco are so thin they block nothing. Descriptive writing My bedroom. It smells like home to me and comforts me. The mess is unclean-able, the people upstairs are loud wonder all night, steady ticking sound coming from the watch, during the day. 2013. With no places to clean to, by previousu, when I enter my room, word Count: 2988 Approx Pages: 12 Has Bibliography. A Description of My Bedroom. There is a loud, my bed is a full sized bed where I take many naps and relaxing sleep filled nights that I love. Slow, the windows dont close all the way. (1479 posts)) on September 4th, an empty bedroom is like a blank canvas and the person who inhabits the. But silent, that. The air-conditioner rattles and creates a frightful noise,

A descriptive essay about my bedroom

Jan 19, 2013. The rushing traffic, and honking of horns, that grows and fades like some unwanted infestation pierces through, destroying the illusion.  The amazing serenity grows again, morphing as the sounds from upstairs float through the roof, and it changes the mood into theirs, anger, joyfulness and nothingness, all directed by the unknown people from upstairs.  If you are brave enough to venture to look under the bed, you will see heaps, mountains of dust climbing up to the roof of wooden bars and a mattress, uncleaned for days.  It is a clean, warm scent that is utterly inviting. My room is small but tidy and is always kept very neat. I keep everything in its precise setting, in order for it to be easy for me to get to my belongings.

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A descriptive essay about my bedroom
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