Sequoyah biography dictionary

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translated into the Cherokee language it literally means The Trail Where They Cried. Compare it to the chart above. It was a sad time in American history and the move is referred to as the Trail of Tears. A set of written characters each of which stands for a syllable 3 : having knowledge or experience in a particular area such writing as computer literate Sequoyah Lesson Plan in the search box click exist on "Lesson Plans" and put "Sequoyah and the Trail of Tears". Try to figure out how to say the word. This biography by Patsy Stevens, but they thought he was crazy. He tried to interest his tribesmen in learning the symbols, was written in 2007. A retired teacher,

Sequoyah biography dictionary

With it he was able to write any word in the Cherokee language by making a symbol for each syllable of sound. He spent twelve years working on his invention of a system of written language for the Cherokee nation. Sequoyah has been referred to as the "Cadmus of America". There is a Greek myth about Cadmus, and it is told he brought the Phoenician alphabet into Greece. The Christian missionaries learned the language and translated the Bible into Cherokee. He taught his young daughter Ahyoka to read and write the language. It was so simple she readily learned it. His tribesmen thought Sequoyah was trying to trick them. He must convince them of the value of his new written language. Today in America you will find the name Sequoyah (Sequoia) on schools, caverns, hospitals, and ranches. There is also a wild life refuge named for him as well as a national forest and a nuclear power plant. Little is known of Sequoyah's parents. His mother, Wut-teh was certainly a Cherokee Indian who belonged to the Paint Clan. Some people believe his father was Nathaniel Gist who was a scout for George Washington.

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Sequoyah biography dictionary
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