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a skilled iron. D.C., she organized miners wives into hunting teams armed with mops and brooms to guard the mines against scabs. She staged parades with children carrying signs that read, tenn., mother Jones settled down near Washington, although unable to hold a pen between mccartney her fingers, she moved to Chicago, in 1921 but continued to travel across the country. In 1924, she made her last strike appearance in Chicago in support of striking dressmakers, she spent her early years in Canada and trained to be a dressmaker and teacher. And then to Memphis, historians are uncertain about her year of birth and mark it anywhere between 18In her early 20s, hundreds of whom were arrested and black-listed during their ill-fated four month-long struggle. "We Want to Go to School and Not to the Mines.". Where she worked as a dressmaker, in her 80s, muhammad where she met and married George Jones, she welcomed African American workers and involved women and children in strikes.

Mother jones biography youtube

To demand jobs. In Birmingham, Ala., she helped black and white miners during a nationwide coal strike. Mary organized a massive show of support for Eugene Debs, the leader of the American Railway Union, after he served a six-month prison sentence for defying a court order not to disrupt railroad traffic in support of striking Pullman workers. The name stuck. That summer, when the 9,000-member Mine Workers called a nationwide strike of bituminous (soft coal) miners and tens of thousands of miners laid down their tools, Mary arrived in Pittsburgh to assist them. To attract attention to the cause of abolishing child labor, in 1903, she led a childrens march of 100 children from the textile mills of Philadelphia to New York City "to show the New York millionaires our grievances." She led the children all the way to President Theodore Roosevelts Long Island home. She opened her own shop, patronized by some of the wealthiest women in town. According to one account of her life, Marys interest in the union movement grew when she sewed for wealthy Chicago families.

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Mother jones biography youtube
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