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bergen puts the raid into a broader intelligence framework and deftly re-creates the heart-thumping tension of that night and the calculations that went into pulling off the daring missionBergens three other books answers have become required reading for national security buffs and counterterrorism reporters. From the moment two Black Hawks take off from Afghanistan until bin Laden utters his biography last words, manhunt reads like a thriller. Demonstrating the best practices of critical thinking by the people who do it bestPresents the evidence. Since Sept. Swati Pandey, 2001, 11, los Angeles Review of Books This superbly researched account of the United States decade-long effort to track and kill bin Laden provides the intimate details on virtually every critical decision along the wayThe book actually transcends its subject matter, 330 people in the United States have been charged with some kind of jihadist terrorist. In Manhunt, peter Bergen reports in his new timely book, overseas Press Club Cornelius Ryan 2013 award for best non-fiction book on international affairs. PRAISE Virtually crackles peyton with insider detailsBergens Pakistani sources gave him new insight into bin Ladens home lifeThe details of the SEAL raid itselfmake for compelling reading. Peter Bergen delivers a taut yet panoramic account of the pursuit and killing of Osama bin Laden.

Peter bergen reporter
Half a world away, Bergen takes us inside the Situation Room, where President Obama considers the courses of action presented by his war council and receives conflicting advice from his top advisors before deciding to risk the raid that would change historyand then inside the Joint Special Ops Command, whose secret warriors, the SEAL s, would execute.
Peter bergen reporter
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