Site collection usage reports moss 2007

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but usage per individual file is also fine. I'm interested in the total, configuration Cache Reset I world have also looked into the SSP database (using NOLOCK of course!)) and I can see that there hasn't been any chat new entries in the ANLH istoricalUsage for over 200 day ID increments (comparing the latest entry in the ANLD ay table for today's ID)). I've googled everything I could think of but couldn't find much that would help. This type does not include a "size" property - why not? I have tried a number of things to get these statistics working including: Disable / Re-enable Statistics Server Reboot Timer Service Reset. In fact). All the related timer jobs are running and don't appear to have any issues (no entries in error logs etc)). I previously asked this same question on Stack Overflow without any satisfactory responses (I am napisy almost cross-posting,) sharePoint programming seems out of the question since I don't have access to the machine. However,

Site collection usage reports moss 2007

Each days log files contains over 150,000 entries for a many sites and it has been enabled for a long time so I don't believe it to be an issue with not enough data being processed. Furthermore, if you are an experienced SharePoint administrator and are unaware of an easy solution for this, please post so I can stop looking. Just to clarify, if you told me how to find the amount of space taken up by one document library or even a single file with all its versions, that would be more than satisfactory. We are having an issue with one of our single server MOSS 2007 setups. Site usage statistics are enabled within central admin console (and SSP as well as on the site collection in question, but no statistics are being displayed in the front end. Can anyone please provide any advice on why SharePoint wouldn't be processing the log files into the database? My next plan would be to set up SQL profiler on the database around the time that timer jobs fire to monitor but if anyone has any advice, that would be greatly appreciated. It just says the standard "No data is available for this report. Usage analysis might have been enabled only recently, or there might have been insufficient usage to result in any values for the report." The log files are being generated (to the default location with the WSS_ADMIN _WPG permissions etc) without problem and when the timer. At this point, even "this is not possible" would be useful. I am currently estimating size based on the largest files, which is inelegant, very imprecise, and rather time consuming. Thanks in advance. Anyway, I would be happy with either of the following solutions: A library or API to be used from VBA, VB, or C# (or any other language, for that matter) A SharePoint Web Service that provides file size/space usage information.

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Site collection usage reports moss 2007
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